Shoe Statement #1: Cut to the Chase

Two shoes with cut outsFootwear cut-outs create what artists call negative space, which is as important in composition as positive space or, “the thing you’re supposed to be looking at.” Cut-outs also soften the look of a shoe and add interest to simple styles. Get the lowdown on the “not-there” to stay in step with a trend that shows no sign of stopping.

Peeping Toes & Heels

Perhaps the most familiar cut-out styles are mules, slides and peep-toe flats and heels. Look for these styles taken to the next level of shape, texture and color.

Lasers Favored

Today’s laser cut-outs can take the form of anything from subtle perforations and basic shapes (triangle, rectangle, square) to repeating graphical patterns and intricate floral designs. Ladylike lace looks are especially popular.

Expect the Unexpected

Cut-outs have always made sense when it comes to sandals because of the added bonus of extra breathability in warmer months. (Think: huaraches, gladiators and any strappy favorite.) Find the same idea in new places including oxfords, sneakers, wedges and ankle boots, just right for the transitional months. The life of cut-out styles can even extend year-round when worn with tights that add new contrast and dimension underneath.

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