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5 Steps to Foot Fitness

Photo of people standing on a workout ball doing exercises for their arches, feet and toes.
We expect a lot from our feet. We want to use them to walk around the mall, run to catch a bus and maybe even dance. Plus, we want it all pain-free. But are you giving your feet the attention they deserve? To keep your feet up for the daily challenges of your life, you need to keep th
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How do I know if I have Achilles Tendonitis?

This video explains what Achilles Tendonitis is and what treatment options exist, as well as how to prevent it. FootSmart offers expert solutions.  
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Heel Pain Treatment Tips

Watch the video to learn more about heel pain treatment tips  
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What is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is a sports injury that many runners or other athletes experience. The good news is that Achilles tendonitis is usually not serious and, with good self-care, it is also preventable.   Symptoms Achilles Tendonitis is usually caused by overuse or repetitive moti
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Why do I have heel pain?

Your heels do a lot of work supporting your other joints and absorbing the impact of your daily activities. If you have heel pain, not only can it affect your well-being, it could be pointing to a number of foot problems. Figuring out the source of your heel pain can help you get on t
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