How to select the right running shoes?

Illustration of different running shoes from Brooks, New Balance and Saucony
Although very few overuse running injuries have an established root cause, the fact that over 80% of these injuries occur at or below the knee suggests that there may be some common mechanisms.  The capacity to prevent such injuries is currently limited, with training advice and footw
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Wet Test Video

How do I do the Wet Test? Need to know what foot type you have? Learn how to do a simple wet test to find out if you have low, normal or high arches.  
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Which Insole Do I Need?

Photo of three different types of insoles
You are one-of-a-kind and so are your feet.  One of the best ways to customize your footwear is to use insoles, which provide extra comfort and support to help prevent and solve problems associated with your feet.  Insoles are the part of the shoe that the foot lands on, and can often
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