Posture Pointers: 10 Tips for Staying In Line

Image of a woman wearing a posture corrective brace to help her have less back pain
Sit up straight. Don’t slouch. Straighten up. Most of us have been given this advice our entire lives. But why does it matter so much? Good posture helps keep our bodies in alignment, so our muscles and ligaments work together as they should without putting extra strain on them. That
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Choosing the Right Posture Bra

Image of a woman wearing a posture bra
The wrong bra can exacerbate back pain and lead to restricted breathing and poor posture. The larger your bust, the more likely you are to face problems. “Bras are like suspension bridges,” quotes an article in the UK Independent. “You need a well-engineered bra so y
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What is my back pain?

Photo of a woman holding her back that is in pain
Up to 80% of American adults will suffer from back pain at some point. Back pain can result from a variety of causes and really affect quality of life. Knowing the cause of your back pain and proper treatment can help your back feel better and keep you feeling happy. Symptoms There ar
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Your Leg bone is connected to Your Hip Bone…

By Mehrnaz Kouhkan, DPM 2nd Year Resident, The Podiatry Institute When a patient complains of pain in the foot, hip, knee and/or back, a complete examination that includes the back and lower body becomes essential. It is crucial to evaluate each patient above and beyond the foot. By o
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