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Clogs and Discussions of Feminism at the Salon

By Dr. Paula Bloom “How do you like those shoes?” I asked a 65ish-year-old woman at the hair salon. She was wearing a pair of Alegria clogs in black patent leather.   I shared with her that I had recently bought the same ones in a leopard print. ”I only wear Alegria during the day. Th
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Just ‘Cause There’s Smoke Doesn’t Mean There’s Fire (Thankfully!)

By Dr. Paula Bloom If there was a fire and you could only do or take one thing from your house what would it be?  Would you take pictures? Jewelry? Start cleaning up before the firefighters arrive? Which one doesn’t fit in here? My husband woke me up at 5:45 AM to tell me there was sm
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Valentine’s Day: Gift-Giving and Game-Playing

By Dr. Paula Bloom I know the following statement may fall into the “duh” category but here goes: You are more likely to get what you want if you actually ask for it. I know, shocking, right? As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m reminded of all the game-playing involved with gift-giving
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