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Remembering My Dad This Spring

By Dr. Paula Bloom This week is my kids’ Spring Break. We’ll be going down to South Florida to spend it with family and friends. It will be a bittersweet trip. April 5th is the one-year anniversary of the death of my dad. Talk about a life-changer. It took me until age 37 to lose some
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Self-Care and Your Emotional Bank Account

By Dr. Paula Bloom Some days, finding balance seems so elusive. As a mom, wife and professional it is rare when I feel like I’m managing the juggling act. Too much work makes me feel not present enough for my kids. Too much playing with my kids can make me question my commitment to my
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Feeling So Grateful for Spring!

By Dr. Paula Bloom Last weekend was the first Spring-like weather of the year.  It was beautiful.  Crisp, yet sunny.  Like so many things in life, I tend to appreciate the beautiful only in contrast to the not-so-beautiful.  I grew up in year-round warm weather, so spending time coope
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The Shoe Shrink Takes on The Shoe Show

By Dr. Paula Bloom In a matter of two days I got two big pieces of big news.  The first one involved finally signing a book deal (anticipated publication date is March 2012).  I’m not the most patient person and it took many months of work and negotiations to finalize.  As you might i
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Relationships Are Like Shoes…

By Dr. Paula Bloom Have you ever had a relationship where you felt like saying (or even did say) any of these statements? “You are just not being supportive.” “You are so inflexible.” “You don’t give me any room to breathe.” “You are cramping my style.” “We just don’t fit together.” “
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