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Valentine’s Day: Gift-Giving and Game-Playing

By Dr. Paula Bloom I know the following statement may fall into the “duh” category but here goes: You are more likely to get what you want if you actually ask for it. I know, shocking, right? As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m reminded of all the game-playing involved with gift-giving
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Are You Living Life, Or Just Photographing It?

By Dr. Paula Bloom I recently experienced four consecutive snow days in a row. I live in Atlanta; we aren’t used to this kind of weather. Day 1 was so much fun: the kids had their first experience with sledding. Day 2 was okay: a lot of games, art projects and cooking. Day 3: it began
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It’s Just a Number

By Dr. Paula Bloom For some people it’s their age. Not me. (I’m 38.) For others it’s their clothing size. Not me. (I’m a 14/16.) For some it’s their height. Not me. (I’m 5’9″.) And for others it’s their weight. (Notice the absence of me revealing that information!) Women are made to f
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It Goes by Fast so Enjoy

By Dr. Paula Bloom There is nothing like pregnancy to make people come of out the woodwork and offer unsolicited advice. ”Sleep when the baby sleeps.” “It will change you forever.” “Put Vitamin E on your belly to help with stretch marks.” The piece of advice, however, that I heard the
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Loving My Boots!

By Dr. Paula Bloom As part of my New Year’s resolution I am committed to being comfortable. There are things about me I can change and things that I can’t. Society gives us so many messages about how we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to wear. For me it was around age 10 that
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