Shoe Statement #1— Cut to the Chase

Picture of two shoes with cut outs
Footwear cut-outs create what artists call negative space, which is as important in composition as positive space or, “the thing you’re supposed to be looking at.” Cut-outs also soften the look of a shoe and add interest to simple styles. Get the lowdown on the “not-there” to stay in
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Timeless Trend #1: Lady-like Style

Image of a dress shoe illustrating the lady-like style trend
If you’re mesmerized by the costumes on Mad Men, long for hats and gloves to come back to stay or fervently believe that no one will ever do it better than Jackie Kennedy, you’re probably drawn to ladylike style. The look is classic, feminine, romantic and hard to resist. Elements of
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What Kind of Shoe is Your Life Right Now?

By Dr. Paula Bloom Take a moment. Take a breath. Take a break. I want you to think of the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you this question. I’ll make it easy by making it a multiple choice. What type of shoe best describes how you’re feeling about your life right now? A. Fl
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