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What is Arch Pain? Symptoms and Prevention

While we never like to hear “arch” and “ouch” in the same sentence, we know arch pain is a fact of life for many. Some people are born with low arches or flat feet and never have symptoms or pain while others suffer arch strain and even fallen arches.  This can lead to pain in the hee
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Know FitFlop?

By Kirsten Borrink FitFlop has come a long way from the sporty albeit utilitarian Walkstar style of 2007. The Frou provides the same cushioned support as the originals, but is topped off with a conspicuously cute gathering of suede ruffles. While researching online
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Selecting the Right Insoles, and When to Replace Them

By Nicholas Giovinco, DPM Dekalb Medical PGY-2 Resident, Podiatry Institute One of the most common over the counter treatments for foot pain is not medication; it’s orthotics and other forms of shoe inserts. Many of these appliances are prescribed by foot and ankle specialists,
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