What A Shoe is Made of Matters

Photo of a man working on manufacturing footwear
You can’t judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge a shoe by its color. Look below the surface and you’ll find a variety of materials, which leads to debate over which is best. Discover the parts of your shoes and the materials manufacturers use to make them. Parts of a Shoe The U
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Strong is the New Sexy

By Dr. Paula Bloom I’ve been writing a lot about the importance of comfort shoes. I’ve talked about self-acceptance, not being a victim of society’s expectations and not shoving our feet into uncomfortable shoes for the sake of attracting men and feeling good about ourselves.  As I ma
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Walk the Walk!

By Meghan Cass How often do you walk instead of driving your car? Can you walk to your grocery store? Your children’s school? To work? We all know that walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit and theoretically, it should be one of the easiest. But not everyone’s commun
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