What are Heel Cups?

Photo of a pair of heel cups
Just as we might cup our hands to shield a flame from a draft or to gently cradle a tiny kitten, so do heel cups provide protection and comfort. Heel cups provide shock absorption for people with heel pain that is especially agonizing when the heel strikes the ground. Heel pain is the
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Heel Pain Treatment Tips

Watch the video to learn more about heel pain treatment tips  
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Why do I have heel pain?

Your heels do a lot of work supporting your other joints and absorbing the impact of your daily activities. If you have heel pain, not only can it affect your well-being, it could be pointing to a number of foot problems. Figuring out the source of your heel pain can help you get on t
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What are Heel Spurs?

Photo of a foot with inflammation of the plantar fascia
What are Heel Spurs? Why do they cause Heel Pain? Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention Heels spurs are common causes of heel pain, but what are they? As the name suggests they are bone outgrowths that develop on your heel bone. They often form on the bottom of the heel where the plantar fa
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