Anatomy of a Running Shoe for Flat Feet

Photo of a New Balance and Brooks Running Shoe that are good for those with flat feet.
Finding the right running shoe when you’re flat-footed may feel like a catch-22. Having flat feet means you may tend to overpronate when you run—your foot collapases inward at the ankle too much and overpronation can stress the foot, ankle, knee and hip. Here’s the catch: If a running
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How to select the right running shoes?

Illustration of different running shoes from Brooks, New Balance and Saucony
Although very few overuse running injuries have an established root cause, the fact that over 80% of these injuries occur at or below the knee suggests that there may be some common mechanisms.  The capacity to prevent such injuries is currently limited, with training advice and footw
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Running Shoes for Pronation

Photo of running shoes that are good for pronation
Pronation: it’s the inward rolling movement your foot makes as it hits the ground. Runner’s World explains that pronation is your body’s way of absorbing shock, and everyone’s feet have some degree of pronation. Normal Pronation The amount of pronation in your feet varies based on sev
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What is pronation?

Learn what pronation is and how to identify if you overpronate. This video offers suggestions for expertly-selected solutions to help treat overpronation.  
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Your Leg bone is connected to Your Hip Bone…

By Mehrnaz Kouhkan, DPM 2nd Year Resident, The Podiatry Institute When a patient complains of pain in the foot, hip, knee and/or back, a complete examination that includes the back and lower body becomes essential. It is crucial to evaluate each patient above and beyond the foot. By o
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