How do I make my shoes fit more comfortably?

Looking to make shoes feel more comfortable? Get tips and solutions from the experts at FootSmart.  
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Buying Shoes for a Narrow Foot

Photo of the bottom of a pair of narrow feet
Anatomy of a Narrow Foot People come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their feet. Imagine the impossibility of all feet fitting into shoes made in just a handful of sizes!  Shoe sizes are based primarily on a foot’s length. But what about width? Feet come in varying widths. The Nati
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How Can I Make My Shoes More Comfortable?

Image of a shoe stretcher and how it stretches shoes for a more comfortable fit
It can be frustrating when a brand new (or any) pair of shoes becomes uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. There are many options available to you no matter what part of the shoe is uncomfortable. Shoe Stretchers Everyone has feet that are slightly different sizes. Most people hav
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